Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Shakespeare’s characters said some of it!

The satirist in me was spurred on by a crossword clue in the April 3rd Guardian quick crossword (the first quote). I had fun writing it though the result is clearly excruciating rather than edifying or even inspiring! I make no apologies! Some days nonsense is the only thing left that makes sense.

1. Go! ‘Shuffle off this mortal coil’
(My crossword clue hath said),
‘To be or not to be’, to whit
Be careful where you tread.

2. ’Life’s but a walking shadow’
When the context is not clear.
But let me please enjoy myself
As long as I am here.

3. ‘If music be the food of love,
Play on’, and make it soon!
Ignore cacophonies of strife
And play a tuneful tune!

4. ‘If all the world’s a stage’, and we
must play so many parts,
I’m in the role of jester now,
Or else the Queen of Hearts.

5. ‘Such such is life’,’just as I feared,’
For never is too soon
To quit the party unabashed,
‘And dance by the light of the moon’.

6. So do I have a choice, my friend?
‘I burn, I pine, I perish’?
‘Come what, come may’, come night, come day,
And lose what I so cherish?

7. There is still one arch waffler left,
His daffodils are blooming.
But have no fear, I promise you:
No Wordsworth quote is looming!
Quotes: 1 Hamlet; 2 Macbeth; 3 Twelfth Night; 4 As you like it; 
5 Edward Lear mix; 6 Taming of the shrew; 7 Macbeth