Tuesday, 3 April 2018


An entry on the QI website inspired me, mainly because of that wonderful name, of which I will only use the first part in the verse to avoid any kind of reference to the personality and incidence that inspired me.

Dedication or Dear Poke, who spoke? 

GURgle in the morning twice or
BANquet in the evening thrice.
GUzzle beer or wine or schnaps and
LYe drunk, you’ll feel ill, perhaps.

Secret messages are born
From inspiration, or are torn
From shreds of knowledge, bit by bit
Like postman’s knock, and so to whit

Just let me ask what is in a name,
If George or Mike are all the same?
And you are sure your name is Poke,
That cannot be a silly joke.

Or can it? Secret messages
Are wrote and posted every day.
And if you do not know a name,
To find it out will be your aim.

If this is just a load of rot,
I challenge you to think a lot
Of secrets held between these lines,
And do not overlook the signs, just

GURgle in the morning twice or
BANquet in the evening thrice and
GUzzle beer or wine or schnaps, then
LYe there still and think, perhaps.


Politics are oft a fraud, but
Opting out a chink maraud.
Koerction with a K OK
Each one of us should have our say.