Friday, 6 April 2018

Procrastination is the thief of time

I dedicate this poem to the class teacher who misinterpreted my talking as heckling and commanded me to do the above after school, when I could have been playing the piano, or tennis, or writing a poem. The stupid phrase-scribbling activity not only wasted time, but also ink. I was not one jot better for doing this stunt. The sadistic teacher had the joy of tearing up my long procrastinating list (of 99 lines!). It was his own procrastination. He could have been doing something useful, and so could I. I don’t regret that wasted time, however. It taught me how to procrastinate! The quote is from David Copperfield, the novel by Charles Dickens. To quote myself, I would say that there is almost no subject that does not adapt itself to satire!

Procrastination is the thief of time

A hundred times,
A hundred lines,
A noble gesture put in place?

A woeful face,
Pretend disgrace,
Don’t think that I’m a hopeless case.

But nobody,
Not anyone
Explained the portent of these words.

So I can still
And always will
Procrastinate (to save my time?)

I could agree,
But no, not me!
Procrastination is no sin.

Imagine you
Are in a plane.
You want to land, but not just yet.

The pilot lands,
Does not waste time
In getting to his promised land.

He has a date,
Should not be late.
I’m glad he did procrastinate.

My time was his
To waste away,

Procrastination quite OK.