Sunday, 1 April 2018

April Showers

It's a long time since I wrote any poetry and ten months since I wrote anything in this blog, but I hope I have enough creative energy to get through April on a challenge from this website (opens to my channel) to write a poem every day this month. I'm starting now, with little idea as to how to carry on, but at least today's date offers some inspiration.

Let's try!

Spring dust and allergy pills

To anyone who reads these lines,
A cautionary note.
I want to offer you advice
To keep you all afloat.

If once or twice you trip and fall
Remember that's what life's about.
No need to fuss and cry and baul,
No need to scream and shout.

It's spring again, the morning sun
Reveals the dust and spurs me on
To take two pills before I start
The first of April. Woe begone

Those flecks of dust that
Lived an undisturb├ęd life
In heated rooms. I say begone
All dust on furniture, and strife,

My bless├ęd pills will save me soon
From sneezes, coughs and tearing eyes.
And if they do not want to work
There always one unique surprise

Left over from the previous year,
For no one knows how long has gone
Since that self-same dust landed here
On quiet days when no sun shone.

I could go on and on and on....

That's it for today. Total drivel, but it rhymes!