Monday, 26 June 2017

Time for rhyme

Yes, this blog has been unattended.

Yes, I'm going to wite new verses very soon

Yes, having more time to do what I want most does not seem to leave time for  the things I NEED to do most.

Should I start with a limerick or two? I wrote some rather awful ones about a person I knew and disliked - I have no contact with her now, I'm happy to say. The same goes for a number of people who were instrumental in my complete retirement even from chorus conducting and arranging, but I have not written poems about them - yet.

In the meantime I'll add a poem here that matches an abstract painting I did. It's the second poem and painting and expresses the horror I felt as a child at the circus. I was told later that I spent most of my circus visits crouched where I could not see anything.

Trapeze II
They saw him fall.
The drummer struck with even thuds.
They bore his body forth,
Without a word.
Heads bowed in grief,
Tears shed in shock.
How brave he was.

They saw him fall
And rise again.
A sudden wind,
A swish of cape.
It’s the trapeze,
It’s swinging
Of its own accord.

There’s nothing there,
A small child called.
There’s no one riding
On the swing.
I saw him fall.

Be quiet now.
He’s going to swing
From here right to eternity.