Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Do I have poetry block? Poem 'Re-creation'

I'm really not sure. I finished my April novel on time (and got a prize icon from nanowrimo for my effort) and immediately started another one, but actually took up a story I had already started but put on the back burner. I'm taking my time over the new one, but posting slowly at this location.
The problem is that I can't do everything at once, and I'm painting at the moment, so a lot of mental energy also goes into that. 
I got a reminder from allpoetry.com that I had not contributed there for ages, so I'll include one of the poems I did publish there and hope the poetry muse kisses me again soon:


Out of the sandy mists,
Out of the hazy sky,
Out of the void of death
We arise each new day.
Our bones are the frame,
Our tears are the energy
Of tomorrow.

The sand is broken shells and bones.
The sky is the air we breathe.
The void of death wraps itself
Around the joy of rebirth
In our children, in our words,
In our selves.

All the tears we weep return to the ocean
And are born again as mists of time.
We all breathe the same air,
And die the same death,
And grieve the same grief.

But those we grieve for live on
As long as we grieve,
So the grieving must never stop,
Must transcend our breath and tears,
Must join the clouds and the birds on the wing,
Must live on in us.

I commented on that poem thus:
[...]This poem was inspired by a painting, but as  yet I've had no reply from the artist to sanction my using it, so the candle is just keeping the space warm, though I am now inspired by the poem to paint something![...]
I never did get feedback from the artist to whose painting I had referred.
However, since painting inspires me as I work on anything, I'll add one here:

Dogwood - 60x40cm sketch for a larger painting that never happened!

The hyphen in the title of the poem is deliberate, of course. Recreation without a hyphen means something else.