Friday, 16 January 2015

Procrastination (100 Lines)

The word in the title reflects what's been happening to this blog - nothing much. Today I'll post a short satirical poem based on a memory of school. I was always anxious to be good (whatever that is). My father was seriously ill, my mother run off her feet, my brother a trial for any parents, so I was going to try not to be any kind of a nuisance to anyone. That also meant behaving perfectly at school, but that's boring, so I decided to be a bit less good and find out what the punishment for disruption actually did to the soul of a teenager. The  answer is nothing, and the little poem explains why!

100 lines

Procrastination is the thief of time!
The what? I ask, a place sublime?
No, you have talked in class again.
I have? Shut up for now, and then

Just stay behind and pen that line
One hundred times in rows. Don't whine!
A teacher knows what's best for you,
And anyway, that line is true.

Pro-craz-di-nay-shun is a sin.
Bad spelling shows the state you're in.
But when you've done two hundred, go!

The ratbag, witch, the fat old crow.
I'll show her who's procrastinated,
Agitated, animated,
Calibrated, complicated,
Let me find another line
Comparable and wrote in stein:

Assassination is the thief of teachers!